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Simply, replacing leaking or dripping taps with functioning taps can save on anyones water bill. A report shows that stopping a single tap leak can save 60 drops per minute. 60 drops per minute! That is a total of 28 litres of water a day! If your tap (kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower or bath tub) is dripping, than a replacement tap would definitely be a worthwhile investment for you and your household.

Another waste of valuable water is the running toilet. Not only does it waste money and precious energy but it is not sanitary to let your toilet run. Millions of unrelenting germs are released into the air every time a toilet is left running. These grotesque germs can attach themselves on to surfaces such as countertops, floors and even your families toothbrushes.

This may cause serious sickness and illness to occur. Another risk, especially if you live in a humid area, is the risk of mold forming in your bathroom.

Besides, no one likes the way a dripping faucets can leave a hard water stain in the sink, tub or shower. Stains are unpleasant to look at making your bathroom or kitchen appear to be dirty and unsanitary.

Not only will fixing these issues save you money in the long run but it is also better for the environment and for everyone. Just saving one gallon of water a day can vastly change the earth in which we all live and share together.

Guardian Plumbing in Melbourne is one plumber that uses quality taps that you can use to save an abundant amount of water. They offer some of the latest water-saving shower heads and sink faucets.

Think green and replace leaking faucets and running toilets today!

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