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A leaking tap is a common annoyance in many households. The dripping faucet makes a very annoying sound, to be certain, but it is also a pointless and expensive waste. Over time, those drips add up, and the wasted water is not only bad for the environment, it is very costly. A single tap may waste hundreds of dollars worth of water per year, and so fixing leaky taps isn’t just good for convenience, they’re good for the pocketbook.

The problem is that a leaking tap is often much more complicated than it appears at first. Sometimes, an entire sink must be dismantled and repaired just to stop a single drip. This is why it is a job best left to professional plumbers such as those at Guardian Plumbing. It takes a lot of effort and the careful use of tools to dismantle a sink without damaging it. After all, taps are designed to be long lasting pieces of hardware and are not built to come apart easily.

It may take hours simply to access and replace a single gasket, and leaking taps are often the result of several problems at once.

Leaking taps are often easy and inexpensive to repair, but such repairs are essential as they eliminate obnoxious noises and save water. The cost of repairs is more than justified by the money saved by avoiding that water loss, even though they may be time consuming and extensive. While it is most often simply a loose pipe or a worn gasket, it can also be the result of years of wear or neglect. As such, professional plumbers such as those at Guardian Plumbing are best for fixing a leaking tap, as they can not only dismantle and reassemble the tap, they can identify and repair all that is wrong with it. Loose valves, broken gaskets and tiny pipe defects are difficult to find without proper training, and reassembling the tap improperly may create new, worse problems. The money saved on the water bill will more than pay for the cost of repairing the tap, and so it’s always a smart decision to hire a plumber to fix the leaky tap.

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