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Blocked Toilet – Let Scott of Guardian Plumbing fix it for you

A blocked toilet is one of those things you never seem to think about until it happens, and once it does, it goes to the top of the priority list until its fixed. It happens to everybody.

A simple blockage is easy to take care of yourself. A more complicated blockage is one involving damaged pipe or an obstruction somewhere in the piping that just refuses to give. When you’ve tried everything you can think of and the toilet is still blocked, you’re going to need professional attention from Guardian Plumbing in Melbourne.

The first home remedy for a toilet that won’t flush is to reach for a plunger. Most blockages are near the base of the toilet and easily dislodged. Insert the plunger as tightly as possible, covering the hole in the bottom of the basin, and give several sharp plunges. The pressure should dislodge the obstruction and when you move the plunger, flushing should result. Be careful to not use the plunger when water is rising in the bowl when it’s near the top until you make sure you won’t overflow the bowl. Water over the side of the bowl and onto the bathroom floor is no fun to clean up.

When a blocked toilet is being particularly stubborn, try a metal snake made for the purpose. A hand-wind snake should suffice or you can use a motorized one. The snake moves through the piping until it reaches the obstruction and then turns until the blockage is moved. The spiraling effect digs through soft blockages and is usually effective.

If you’ve tried a plunger and a snake and the toilet is still blocked, it’s time to give Guardian Plumbing a call. A professional plumber will open the blocked toilet and find the obstruction. Guardian Plumbing has the professional plumbing equipment to deal with the problem. If there is a serious breakdown in your sanitation system, Guardian Plumbing will be glad to fix it for you.

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