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Carbon Monoxide Testing in Melbourne

It is important to have carbon monoxide testing at your home or working environment. The problem with this lethal gas is that detection is quite difficult. It has no odor, color or taste. There is not even a sign of smoke. The main sources of carbon monoxide poisoning are defective heaters either, wall furnaces, ducted systems or space heaters. If any of these are faulty, there will definitely be emissions of deadly carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can happen for several reasons including:

A lack of servicing of the appliance, where airways may be blocked with dust or lint or the flueing systems can get blocked by bird nests or even dead birds, possums or rats.

A malfunction of the appliance, such as a cracked heat exchanger

Getting your appliances tested simple and affordable, however this testing should only conducted by a licensed gas technician

Carbon Monoxide poisoning, at minimum levels, will lead to long-term detrimental effects on the human brain and heart. At much higher levels, it will cause a quick death. All human beings and animals are susceptible to this kind of toxic fumes.

Are you going to wait before this deadly killer strikes at your home?

Start by checking to getting a professional gas technician to come to your home with to service your gas heater and test for carbon monoxide.

Detection and testing are the key elements in preventing carbon monoxide poisoning!

Likewise, familiarization with its initial symptoms will save your life. Watch out for headaches, nausea, fatigue, abdominal pains and chest problems. If there is the slightest indication of poisoning, do not waste any time in seeking medical treatment.

However, as the proverbial maxim states: Prevention is still better than Cure! It’s important to have a licensed professional come to your home with specialized carbon monoxide detectors to deal with this silent threat.

Service providers such as Guardian Plumbing and Gas Services can help you with this vital concern. The team at Guardian will take care of detecting gas leaks efficiently and promptly with their sophisticated and reliable CO detectors.

The Melbourne Plumber, Scott at Guardian Plumbing, is ready to respond to your inquiries and concerns. We are fully aware of the negative effects of gas appliances. We also realize the need to address this silent menace effectively and immediately using technology and expertise.

Guardian plumbing welcomes the opportunity to discuss your plumbing or gas maintenance requirements at a convenient time for you.

Call us today 1300 138 973 or email us to book your carbon monoxide testing service.

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