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Get your toilet repaired fast with Guardian Plumbing Melbourne

Is your toilet causing you problems? Whether it is fixing a blocked toilet, a leaking one, or installing a completely new toilet after you have renovated your washroom, Guardian Plumbing can perform any kind of toilet repairs for you.

There are quite a few problems that a toilet can have. It can, for example get blocked. While some blocks are easy to repair on your own, by simply using a plunger, some would require specialized tools in order to get the toilet running again. If you have tried everything and the toilet still remains blocked, call us right away. We can quickly get your toilet unblocked and working again.

Sometimes, toilet repairs are necessary if the toilet is leaking water. This can not only be an annoyance to the home owner, but can also be a waste of money, as a leaking toilet will waste water, and therefore make your water bill higher. Furthermore, a leaking toilet can also cause serious water damage to your floors if left unfixed for too long. This can lead to thousands of dollars of repair costs. Don’t wait until your leaking toilet causes significant losses to your wallet, call Guardian Plumbing today.

We can also help you if your toilet is not performing its job properly. Many times, a defective toilet will need several flushes in order to accomplish its job. This is not only frustrating, but wastes significant amounts of water as well. We can do adjustments so that your toilet will be able to flush correctly again.

If you are renovating your bathroom and thinking of replacing that old toilet of yours with a new one, it doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Our plumbers can take care of removing your old toilet and putting a new one in place, all while making sure that it operates like it should.

Toilet repairs is just one of the services provided by Guardian Plumbing in Melbourne. We provide a full range of plumbing services for both our residential and commercial customers. We are there for all of your plumbing needs!

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