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Blocked Sewer Plumber Melbourne

A blocked sewer line is a serious problem that requires immediate attention.

If left unchecked, it can cause significant damage to your property and pose a health hazard to your family. At Guardian Plumbing, we offer a comprehensive range of blocked sewer line services throughout Melbourne to ensure that we can quickly and effectively solve any plumbing related issues you may have.

Your Local Blocked Sewer Drain Experts in Melbourne

At Guardian Plumbing, we are committed to providing our Melbourne clients with the highest quality plumbing service possible. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:
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Over 30+ years of experience in Melbourne

Our team has over 30 years of experience in the plumbing industry, making us experts in our field. We have encountered all types of blocked sewer line issues and have the expertise to resolve any problem efficiently and effectively.

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Fully licenced and insured professionals

Our team of professionals is fully licenced and insured, giving you the peace of mind that your property is in safe hands.

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Family-owned and operated

As a family-owned and operated business, we understand the importance of trust, reliability, and exceptional service.

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Honest and reliable

At Guardian Plumbing, we pride ourselves on our honesty and reliability. We provide transparent pricing and keep you informed throughout the entire process, so you can make informed decisions.

Common Signs Your Sewerage System is Blocked

A blocked sewer line is a major issue that can cause significant damage to your property and pose health hazards. Understanding the common signs of a blocked sewer line can help you identify the issue and seek professional help immediately.

Water backed up in your toilet or sink

One of the most common signs of a blocked sewer line is water backing up in your toilet or sink. This may occur when you flush the toilet and the water level rises, or when you run the tap and notice that the water does not drain away. The water may also have a foul odour, which is an indication of a serious blockage that requires immediate attention.

A slow bathroom or sink drain

Another common sign of a blocked sewer line is a slow bathroom or sink drain. This can happen when waste and debris accumulate in your pipes and reduce the flow of water. You may notice that your sink or shower takes longer to drain, which can be frustrating and inconvenient. If left unaddressed, this can lead to a complete blockage, causing serious damage to your plumbing system.

Bad smells coming from the drain

A blocked sewer line can produce bad smells that are difficult to ignore. This is due to the accumulation of waste and debris in your pipes, which can lead to the growth of bacteria and unpleasant odours. You may notice an unpleasant smell emanating from your drains, which can be a sign of a serious sewer drain blockage that requires professional attention.

Flooded yard

If you have a blocked sewer line, you may notice a flooded yard or garden. This can happen when the sewage is unable to drain away and begins to back up in your pipes. The water may come up through your toilet, sink or shower drain, causing significant damage to your property. If you notice any of these signs, it is important to call a professional plumber immediately to prevent further damage to your sewer drains.

The Blocked Sewer Line Process Explained

Our team follows a simple and efficient process to ensure that we can quickly identify and fix any issues with your blocked sewer line.

Assess the blocked sewer line

We start by assessing the severity and location of the blockage using advanced sewer camera inspection technology.

Clear the blocked sewer line

Once we have identified the cause and location of the blockage, we use a range of tools, including jet blasters and electric eels, to clear the drain blockage.

Investigate and detect

After clearing the blockage, we use our sewer camera inspection technology to investigate and detect any underlying issues that may have caused the blockage.

The Common Causes of a Blocked Sewer Line in Melbourne

Blocked sewer lines can be caused by a variety of factors. Understanding the causes of blocked sewer lines can help prevent future sewer line clogs and backups.

Foreign objects

Foreign objects such as toys, feminine hygiene products, and small household items can easily find their way into your sewer line and cause a blockage. These objects can cause significant damage to your sewer line if not removed promptly.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes are another common cause of sewer line clogs. These wipes can accumulate in your sewer line and cause a blockage that can be difficult to remove. Unlike toilet paper, wet wipes do not break down easily in water, which makes them a common culprit for blocked sewer lines.

Toilet paper

Toilet paper can also cause sewer line blockages if used excessively or improperly. Using too much toilet paper can lead to buildup in your pipes and cause a blockage. Additionally, flushing non-toilet paper items such as paper towels and facial tissues can also cause drain blockages.

Hair buildup

Hair buildup is another common cause of sewer line blockages. Hair can easily become entangled in your pipes and cause a blockage. Over time, the buildup of hair can cause a significant blockage that can be difficult to remove.

Tree roots

Tree roots can grow into your sewer line and cause a blockage. These roots can break through your pipes and cause significant damage. Over time, the tree roots can cause the sewer line to collapse, leading to costly repairs.

Food scraps

Food scraps and grease buildup can accumulate in your pipes and cause a blockage. Grease can solidify and form a clog, while food scraps can accumulate and cause a blockage.

Grease buildup

Grease buildup is a common cause of blocked sewer lines. When grease is poured down the drain, it cools and solidifies as it travels through the pipes, forming a thick layer that can trap other debris resulting in a clog. Over time, the buildup of grease can become so severe that it completely obstructs the sewer line, leading to backups and potential sewage overflows.

Broken pipes

Broken pipes can also cause sewer line blockages. Over time, pipes can corrode and deteriorate, leading to cracks and leaks. These leaks can allow debris to accumulate in your pipes and cause a blockage.

Tools to Use in Clearing a Blocked Sewer Line in Melbourne

Clearing a blocked sewer line is a job for a professional plumber who has the experience and the right tools for the job. Here are some of the tools that are commonly used to clear a blocked sewer line in Melbourne:

Jet Blaster

A sewer jet blaster, also known as a hydro jet or water jet, is a powerful tool that uses high-pressure water to blast away blockages in the sewer line. A sewer jet blaster consists of a high-pressure pump, a hose, and a specialised nozzle. The nozzle directs a highly pressurised stream of water into the sewer line, which is strong enough to break up any blockages and clear the line.

Jet blasters are highly effective at removing even the toughest sewer line blockages, including tree roots and other hard debris. They are also useful for cleaning the inside of the sewer line, removing any built-up sediment and debris that could cause future pipe obstructions.

Electric Eel

An electric eel, also known as a drain snake or a plumber's snake, is a flexible cable with a cutting head that can be fed into the sewer line to break up blockages. The cable is rotated by an electric motor, allowing the cutting head to break up any blockages in its path.

Electric eels are effective at breaking up blockages caused by grease, hair, and other soft debris. They are less effective at removing hard blockages, such as tree roots, and can cause damage to old or fragile pipes.

Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments are another common method for clearing blocked sewer lines in Melbourne. Chemical treatments involve pouring specialised chemicals down the drain that dissolve the blockage and clear the line.

Chemical treatments can be effective for clearing blockages caused by grease, hair, and other soft debris. However, they are less effective at removing hard blockages such as tree roots, and they can cause damage to old or fragile pipes. Additionally, some chemicals can be harmful to the environment, so it is important to use them only as directed.


A plunger is a simple tool that can be used to clear minor blockages in a sewer line. Plungers work by creating suction in the drain, which can help to dislodge the blockage and clear the line.

Plungers are most effective for clearing minor blockages caused by soft debris such as hair and soap scum. They are less effective at removing hard blockages and should not be used if there is a risk of damaging the pipes. If plunging does not clear the blockage, it is best to call a professional Melbourne plumber for assistance.

Ways to Unblock Your Sewer Line Without Calling a Melbourne Plumber

While it’s always best to call a professional plumber to clear your blocked sewer line, there are a few things you can try before picking up the phone. One option is to use a plunger, which can be effective for minor blockages in your toilet or sink. Another method is using a drain snake or electric eel to remove the obstruction manually. You can also try pouring boiling water down the drain or using a baking soda and vinegar mixture to break up the blockage. However, be cautious with these methods, as they can potentially cause further damage to your pipes if done incorrectly. It’s always best to consult with a professional plumber in Melbourne to ensure the issue is resolved properly.

How to Avoid a Blocked Sewer in Melbourne

When it comes to avoiding a blocked sewer in Melbourne, there are several steps you can take to minimise the risk of sewer clogs and backups.

Sink strainers

Sink strainers are a simple and effective way to prevent debris from entering your drains. These strainers can catch food scraps, hair, and other materials that could potentially block your sewer line.

Avoid pouring oil grease on your drains

It's also important to avoid pouring oil, grease, and other fats down your drains. These substances can accumulate and solidify, leading to stubborn clogs that are difficult to remove.

Be conscious of what you flush down the toilet

Being conscious of what you flush down your toilet is another crucial step in preventing sewer line blockages. Flushing materials like wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, and paper towels can quickly lead to clogs and backups.

Use a jet blaster regularly

Regularly using a jet blaster can also help prevent blockages by clearing out debris and buildup in your pipes. Jet blasters use high-pressure water streams to blast away any materials that could potentially cause a blockage.

By taking these steps to prevent sewer line blockages, you can avoid costly repairs and inconveniences down the road.

What is the best permanent blocked sewer repair service in Melbourne?

A blocked sewer line can be a frustrating and expensive problem for homeowners in Melbourne. There are various options available to repair a blocked sewer line, but the best permanent solution depends on the severity and cause of the blockage. Two common options for permanent repair are relining the pipe and pipe replacement.

Relining the pipe

Relining the pipe involves inserting a new lining into the existing sewer pipe to create a new, smooth surface inside the pipe. The new lining is typically made of a resin material that is cured in place, forming a seamless and long-lasting repair. This method is beneficial because it does not require digging up the old pipe, making it less disruptive and time-consuming than pipe replacement. Relining the pipe can be a good option for minor to moderate blockages and is often less expensive than pipe replacement.

Pipe replacement

Pipe replacement involves excavating the old sewer pipe and replacing it with a new one. This method is necessary when the sewer pipe is severely damaged, collapsed, or otherwise unable to be repaired. Pipe replacement can be a more expensive and time-consuming option than relining the pipe, but it is necessary for more severe blockages or when the old pipe is no longer structurally sound.

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