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Blocked Toilets

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Blocked Toilets

blocked toilet is one of those things you never seem to think about until it happens, and once it does, it goes to the top of the priority list until it’s fixed. Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains has over 30 years of experience and the right equipment to handle all types of blocked and clogged toilets across Melbourne’s Inner Eastern Suburbs.

A simple blockage is easy to take care of yourself. A more complicated blockage is one involving a damaged pipe or an obstruction somewhere in the piping that refuses to give. When you’ve tried all the DIY methods and the toilet is still blocked, you need a professional’s help. Call Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains on 1300 138 973 now!

Common Causes Of Blocked Toilets

But there is no need to apologise, the Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains team has seen it all. Normally, the first reaction we have is to continue flushing if we discover a blocked toilet. But in the case that your toilet is genuinely blocked, continuing to flush can result in a huge overflowing mess! This is when you may need to seek the help of a professional plumber like Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains.
flood toilet repair Richmond 1

My Toilet Appears To Be Blocked: What Should I Do Now?

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Plunger Method

The first home remedy for a toilet that won’t flush is to reach for a plunger. Most blockages are near the base of the toilet and easily fixed. A plunger works by simple suction and pressure. There are four standard types of plungers – sink/standard, toilet, accordion, and the taze plunger. Here is our explanation of how a toilet plunger can fix a toilet blockage:

  • Insert the plunger as tightly as possible, covering the hole in the bottom of the basin, and give several sharp plunges.
  • The pressure should dislodge the obstruction and when you move the plunger, flushing should result.
Quick Tip! Be careful to not use the plunger when water is rising in the bowl when it’s near the top until you make sure you won’t overflow the bowl (overflowed toilet water that ends up on the bathroom floor is not only unsanitary but is no fun to clean up).

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Metal/Drain Snake Method

When a blocked toilet is being particularly stubborn, try a metal snake made for the purpose. A metal snake is a long, retractable cable that is inserted into a toilet to either grab hold of the blockage or force it through.

  • The snake moves through the piping until it reaches the obstruction and then turns until the blockage is moved.
  • The spiralling effect digs through soft blockages and is usually effective.

When A Plunger Or Metal Snake Doesn’t Fix The Block…

If you’ve tried a plunger and a snake and the toilet is still blocked, it’s time to give Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains a call. A professional plumber will open the blocked toilet and find and remove the obstruction. And if there is a serious breakdown in your sanitation system, Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains is fully qualified to fix it for you.

How Do Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains Fix Blocked Toilets?

Unblocking a toilet may be as simple as using a plunger or metal snake. However, some blocked toilets indicate the presence of a bigger problem in the drain. These situations may require a more technical solution. This is where the experts at Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains can give you a hand.

Our team carry the latest equipment to assess the cause of the toilet blockage and we recommend the most effective solutions to have your toilet functioning normally again.

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Help to unclog blocked toilets effectively and efficiently. These specialised high-pressured blasters are designed to break down all types of sediment build-up. They are also completely safe, cause no damage to pipes or property.

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CCTV Inspection Cameras

We carry and use inspection cameras to find out the exact cause of a blocked or clogged toilet. Video footage is taken so we can show you the blockage and work out how to best unblock the toilet. These specialised cameras are portable, easy to set up, and convenient.

Melbourne's Inner Eastern Suburbs Plumbing Experts For Drain Blockages: Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains Are Here To Help

Don’t wait any longer, fix your blocked toilet now! If you have a toilet problem, blockage or require a professional plumber to diagnose your problem giving you the best solution, call Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains on 1300 138 973.