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Greetings and welcome to the Blocked Drain Solutions page at Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains & Gas Services, your destination for expert solutions that merge years of experience with the most advanced technology to conquer even the toughest drain blockages.

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Anna R
00:20 02 Feb 24
Thank you Scott for your fast and knowledgeable repair. Will be the first person I call next time I have a leak in my place. Much appreciated
Heather Lacey
23:52 31 Jan 24
Scott is a really great plumber. He managed to navigate the unexpected difficulties with our new but old strata property’s challenges in relation to water meters when we called him out to fix a leaking shower. He also correctly identified and fixed the shower issue!He also fixed our kitchen drain so as to eliminate very worrisome gurgling noises that we feared were caused by blockages-but were not.Scott is a plumber with excellent knowledge and is a really nice fellow!Highly recommend!
Simon Hendon
23:01 28 Jan 24
Quick, honest and reliable. Has serviced my home for odd jobs and always professional each time.
Alexis Arrowsmith
23:20 27 Jan 24
Lovely experience, Scott was really quick to respond, provide info and quote and attend to find the right solution for us. Highly recommend.
Conrad Parsons
23:37 24 Jan 24
When you find a great plumber you keep them. Scott is a genius. Clever, knowledgeable, honest and thorough.
Angela Thiel
05:34 24 Jan 24
Scott was fantastic. He was punctual, informative, friendly and helpful and fixed the issue super quickly. I highly recommend his services.
Felicia Lazar
03:57 13 Jan 24
Highly recommended! Scott did an excellent job, was fast, professional, & knowledgeable, and we're having him come back to take care of a larger body corp job. We won't be using any other plumbers!
Craig Woolley
23:51 11 Jan 24
Problem solves with his customers interests front of mind - have used Scott and Guardian for many years, jobs are always efficiently and effectively completed. Highly recommended.
Bobby Chen
22:47 13 Dec 23
Very happy with our service from Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains, they were quick in getting someone out to us and Scott was friendly, helpful and fixed our leaking sink with minimal fuss.
Michael J. Lutman
03:06 06 Dec 23
Great service. Good communication across the project and friendly. Made it all happen and didn’t try and zing us for extra expenses parts. Recommend
Ed Wilcox
00:44 01 Dec 23
First class and rapid plumbing solution from Scottie - very much appreciated!
Lila Lyon
02:17 30 Nov 23
Scotty was so helpful! He had amazing communication and came to fix our issue promptly
Marie Tratt
00:32 28 Nov 23
Thank you Scott.On time, Great communication.Great Service. 👍
Phillip Cooper
23:57 27 Nov 23
Scott is very professional. He turns up on time and not only does a great job, but thoroughly cleans up after. We have used Scott for gas connections and a new kitchen install and would highly recommend using his services.
Mark Ham
03:02 23 Nov 23
Leek between cistern and bowl was fixed in no time at all with no further issues.I needed Scott to return to seal a leek at the pan outlet which just decided to appear after he left.He returned later that day without delay an stopped the leek.I would certainly recommend Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains for any plumbing work you may require.
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Are you struggling with blocked drains at your home or business? Don’t let it disrupt your daily routine or lead to further damage and health hazards. Our team at Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains has over 30 years of experience, making us your trusted experts in Windsor. We understand the importance of prompt and efficient solutions, and our licenced and insured professionals are committed to providing honest, reliable, and affordable services for your peace of mind. Contact us today to restore your drains and get back to your daily life!




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Our Blocked Drains Services in Windsor

Are you tired of dealing with frustratingly blocked drains? Look no further than Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains! Our extensive range of services ensures a speedy and efficient resolution to any issues you may encounter. We understand the inconvenience these problems can cause, and we’re here to help. Choose Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains and say goodbye to blocked drains today!

High-pressure water jetting

High-pressure water jetting is a method of cleaning blocked drains by using a high-pressure water stream to break down and remove any blockages. This technique is effective in removing a variety of blockages, from small debris to large tree roots.

No-dig pipe relining

If you’re dealing with damaged pipes and dread the thought of excavating your property, there’s good news! With no-dig pipe relining, you can now get them repaired without any excavation. Here’s how it works: we insert a liner into the damaged pipe and inflate it to create a new, durable pipe within the existing one. It’s not just efficient and cost-effective, it’s also a convenient solution for restoring damaged pipes.

CCTV drain inspections

At Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains, we use CCTV drain cameras to identify any problems in your pipes and drains quickly. With this technology, we can detect blockages, cracks, and other damage without the need for any excavation.

Electric eel & hydro jetting

Electric eels are a flexible, powerful tool used to clear blockages in pipes. Our electric eels can remove tree roots, debris, and other blockages, allowing for the restoration of the proper water flow.

Chemical treatment

At Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains, we take care of stubborn blockages in your pipes using safe and effective chemicals. Our performance is not just effective, but environmentally friendly too. Our treatments are designed to tackle hair, grease, and other debris that can interfere with your pipes, without causing any harm to the environment in the process.

Pipe replacement

At Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains, we provide professional pipe replacement services for severe cases where a damaged pipe cannot be repaired. Our team of experts will replace the damaged pipe with a new one, ensuring that your plumbing system operates perfectly.

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As your go-to expert for blocked drains, Guardian Plumbing & Blocked Drains is dedicated to solving all of your plumbing needs. Discover why choosing us for your plumbing needs will give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

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Signs You Have a Blocked Drain

Blocked drains can be a nightmare, and ignoring the issue can lead to severe consequences. As a homeowner, it’s crucial to recognise the signs of a blocked drain before it becomes a bigger problem. Here are a few signs to look out for that may indicate your drains are blocked.

Is your sink, bathtub or shower draining slowly? It could be due to a blocked drain. This issue is usually caused by a buildup of hair, soap and other debris in the pipes.

As a homeowner, there’s nothing worse than unpleasant smells coming from your drains. If you’re experiencing this, it’s a clear indication of a blockage in your plumbing system. Typically, this issue is caused by food waste, oil and grease, as well as other debris getting caught in your pipes.

Are you seeing water accumulating around your floor drain? Could it be a blocked drain? It’s a common issue and it’s usually due to dirt and debris buildup in your pipes.

If your toilet bowl water is fluctuating, it could indicate a clogged drain due to main sewer line obstruction.

Have you noticed water overflowing from your stormwater drain? It could indicate a blocked drain due to the accumulation of debris, such as leaves and dirt, in your pipes.

If you hear gurgling sounds coming from your drains, it could mean that your drain is blocked. I’ve discovered that these sounds are usually caused by air getting trapped in the pipes due to a blockage.

What Could Be Causing Your Blocked Drain

Are you constantly dealing with blocked drains? Knowing the causes can help you prevent future issues. Check out our list of common causes of blocked drains.

Broken pipes can cause blockages in your drains by allowing debris and dirt to enter through the cracks. The result can be water backup and clogs.

Foreign objects like toys, sanitary items, and other debris can clog your pipes. To prevent this, dispose of waste properly and refrain from flushing foreign objects down your toilet.

Are pesky roots clogging up your drain? Root growth inside pipes is a common culprit for blockages and damage. Keep your plumbing flowing smoothly with regular maintenance to nip root-related issues in the bud.

Sanitary products and foreign objects are common culprits for clogging pipes. Proper waste disposal and avoiding flushing foreign items down the toilet can prevent this issue.

Improper drain installation leads to blockages caused by incorrect slope/angle, resulting in waste and debris buildup. Inadequate connections or inappropriate pipe size also contribute to such blockages, leading to drainage issues.

The accumulation of hair in pipes is a persistent problem that can cause significant disruptions to your plumbing system. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep your pipes free of hair buildup and prevent blocked drains from occurring.